How to Outsource Copywriting for Lead Generation

For more leads, outsource your needs.
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Whether you’re trying to establish your brand or breakthrough that all-important Google first page, establishing a written presence online is key to developing your business.

Especially for lead generation.

To achieve lead generation in this context, you want your copywriting to be useful, timely, and relevant to your audience. You want it to be high quality.

A big problem for many businesses, however, is that they don’t have the bandwidth to copywrite themselves. More often than not, they rely on either an internal employee, executive, or founder to write—or they rely on a freelancer to do it for them.

The issue with the former is that having someone internal to do the copywriting means that they have to take time away from other mission-critical tasks they were hired to do. The problem with the latter is that finding a reliable freelancer is very difficult and many freelancers don’t view collaborating with the customer as important.

Therefore, if you need copywriting for lead generation, you should outsource copywriting to a writing agency that knows what they're doing.

We’ve written before about how to outsource your copywriting needs for blogs.

Let’s take a look at how to outsource copywriting specifically for lead generation.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process through which companies obtain interested customers. It can be done in an outbound or inbound format.

Outbound lead generation occurs when leads are contacted by a sales team based on an ideal customer profile. They have compiled lists of potential customers that may have never heard of their company, product, or service before. Then, they are contacting them via phone, email, social media, or other channels.

Inbound lead generation is tied to inbound marketing: the leads are coming to you. Your SEO strategy, your landing pages, your blogging, and even your paid media influence people to find you. If your offer and their needs align, they come to you offering their contact information so you can tell them more about your product or service.

It should be noted that inbound leads also require qualifying just as with outbound.

The quest for leads in both instances is referred to as lead generation.

Inbound leads can be created through the right copywriting tricks and strategies.

Copywriting for Lead Generation

When you’re choosing hiking gear, you want to go to an expert.

You want to make sure your feet are protected in good hiking boots, your tent will hold up, your water bottle won’t leak, and your backpack will be able to fit everything.

You want to know that the expert can answer any questions you have about what you're getting into.

It’s the same with your leads.

They’re looking for experts for their specific needs.

They don’t need to be informed too extensively about what you do—they will already know enough to know they need help. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be looking for it.

But they do want to know that you are an expert and that you know what you are talking about.

If you have just a landing page asking for their details but without much else, you will be passed over.

As an expert with credibility, on the contrary, leads will stay on your site and fill out your contact form.

Even if you are the most experienced person in the buying and selling of your niche product, not showcasing your expertise online means that your leads won’t find you.

Instead, they will go to your competitors. And that’s the last thing you want.

So how do you turn this around?

By having a copywriting strategy.

There are loads of methods you can use to distribute copywriting that resonates with your target audience to generate more leads.

One way, as we mentioned before, is blogging. The reason why businesses should have a blog is to write articles covering keywords that your potential customers are searching for. It’s to capture the demand that already exists.

Not only that, but blogging can also be a demand-creation strategy.

By starting a blog, you are taking your first step into becoming a recognizable expert in your field. You want to make sure you provide helpful, valuable content for your readers that relates to your specific niche. Prove your expertise to them via this content. People want to buy from others who know what they’re talking about.

Another concept to know when outsourcing copywriting is the marketing funnel. Top of the funnel refers to those who are not too aware of your particular niche and have a problem they want to solve. Although they have a problem and recognize what that problem may be, they might not be aware of the solutions out there such as what you’re selling.

In the middle of the funnel, you have a greater conversion probability. These are
people that know they have a specific problem that they need to fix, and they are looking into actual, real options. They do not know much yet about the field as a whole. They are unaware of who the big names in it are, so this is the prime time to snag their attention before your competitors do.

By demonstrating you are an expert to anyone in this stage of the funnel, you will have a leg up on your competitors. And you prove this by writing a lot of content that they will find helpful and clear. You can offer upgrades or gate some of the content in exchange for information, and as this is directly helpful, chances are you will receive it.

Because your clients want to know more.

When I gave my information to a bakery that made custom cakes, it was because I’d looked through their website and they provided recipes and tips for baking. But also because they weren’t providing all the possible designs. These two aspects combined made it easy for me to provide my information.

Or when you look into travel agents or travel blogs, if you find the information there useful and relevant to you, the call-to-action (CTAs) at the bottom of every post to join their newsletter becomes more attractive. Especially in the remote working world of today where everyone wants to make friends in new cities and explore.

Finally, your bottom-of-the-funnel content is for those that are already in the know and want clear examples, often with statistics, that prove you are the best in your area. Case studies distilled into blogs or interviews with customers are a great way to complete this requirement.

These leads are close to converting, but if they know too much about your niche, it
is also harder to convince them than your middle-of-the-funnel leads. They’ve done in-depth research and most likely talked to others that are also making use of your product or service to get an insider perspective.

They know what they want, and ultimately, they make the choice. But a good case study or referral can definitely with these leads over.

As you write your content and add these strategies, make sure you are also studying the associated SEO to attract them by showing up earlier in the Google results so that they definitely find you. Find top keywords and work out how to best add them to your blog posts without creating keyword fluff for no reason.

Be creative and informative, and Google will reward you.

And through your blog posts, you can also learn about your audience and their interests.

Blogs that do particularly well demonstrate where you can truly focus your efforts, especially if you start following along with the clicks. From which blog post do your leads submit their information most often, and then start exploring why. Add similar titles or topics, and then also start making use of your social media.

By repurposing blog content into social media content, you will generate even more leads and interest in your product or service through additional avenues. You ensure that you can always keep your content fresh and interesting and of the same high caliber. Only tailored for different audiences.

And all because you started generating content for your blog.
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Why Outsource Copywriting

As we have seen, copywriting is indeed a great tool for lead generation. You probably want to adopt it immediately.

But before you start setting up job ads searching for copywriters, take a minute, and think about outsourcing these needs.

Instead of going through a hiring process, which will take time and be costly, consider outsourcing your copywriting.

You will be able to be selective about the professionals you work with and know that they have experience. They will know how to get you your desired results faster, and they will have been hired to do that one particular job. An in-house copywriter will often find themselves with additional tasks that eat up their time, this is a fact.

By outsourcing, you ensure that the copywriter in question will only be working on that specific task.

Without needing to go through the hassle of a hiring process, you can find the perfect writers that will match your ideal voice and tone, and have the expertise to guide you through your content creation journey.

Remember, this is an ever-evolving field, with Google coming out with new algorithms and rules every couple of months. You want to be sure that you’ve got the creme de la creme writing for you and helping you shape your strategy.

Investing in an outsourced content copywriting service is a great way to ensure your time is not spent too long on this, and you save money while working with professionals.

And, if they are part of an agency, they will have all the additional support their team has built over the years.
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How to Outsource Copywriting

You probably can’t wait to find yourself a copywriter.

But how?

Well, there are two distinct ways to outsource copywriting.

The first is to hire an individual freelancer. You can find them on Fiverr, Upwork, or any other marketplace site you can think of. It may seem simple at first because you are dealing with just one person with a fixed rate, but it is not always so easy.

Because it is one person, you are relying solely on this individual. And this comes with its pitfalls.

They may have several projects at once and you might not be a priority due to your price, meaning you might be waiting longer than expected. They may choose to discontinue working as they are doing now, leaving you with no final results. Or they may simply stop replying and seemingly disappear.

They could also be great workers and this won’t be an issue, but the truth is you never know. And continuing to have to find new freelancers is also something you might run into, resulting in very different quality work.

To avoid these issues, the safest bet is to pick a high-quality creative agency. For instance, our team here at FoundCopy.

With an agency behind the writers, you have a certain degree of safety. A safety net that comes with a contract and an established set of parameters and expectations from the writers they provide. Should they be unable to perform adequately, you can turn to the agency. These writers will not disappear into the ether.

If they have issues writing, they also have an agency behind them that can provide the writers with tools, technology, and techniques to better fulfill their duties. As a client, you can rest easy knowing that professionals are helping you achieve your goals.

Agencies themselves also have stringent hiring requirements - it’s not anyone with a laptop that will be providing you the content you need. Typically, they will have in-house editors, making the work you receive extremely polished.

And if it does not quite align with your vision, agencies are always happy to sit down and brainstorm with you. You might get more in these brainstorming sessions with outsiders than with your team - after all, you have to distill your product or service for strangers to write about, and this helps you communicate it even better to potential clients.

Agencies are truly the way to go when it comes to outsourcing copywriting.


Writing for lead generation might seem odd at first, but I think we’ve dispelled all doubts here today.

It is a necessity for any company in the twenty-first century to adopt copywriting immediately, as it provides the groundwork for lead generation of all sorts. From just blogging you can grow and expand further to different channels.

But you need that rock-solid start first.

This is why you should rely on agencies like FoundCopy, where we take care of the copy for you.


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