3 Ways A Creative Writing Agency Can Amplify Your Marketing Needs

Need a marketing boost? Look no further.
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Startups are a vital stimulant in the global economy. In recent reports, startups' funding has exceeded 600 billion - on par with the GDP of entire countries!

But running and maintaining a startup is no walk in the park.

A major issue many founders run into is keeping up with the high-demand marketing critical for success. Freelance writing is an option, but often quality ends up being sacrificed. It simply keeps their company from seeing any impactful growth.

Startup founders have the base of a quality product, but promoting it to the right audience is not always in their toolbox.

This is why it's thankfully possible to turn to professionals.

Outsourcing your marketing needs and relying on creative writing agencies, guest blog writers, and B2B writing services.

These services manage your content workload with optimized solutions for marketing necessities, content creation, and SEO development.

With the emergence of these services, founders must be well-informed so they can choose the best solution. When you begin speaking to these companies, be on the lookout for these three ways these agencies can amplify your marketing needs.
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Way 1: Amplification

Amplification is a marketing concept that involves the use of multiple content channels to maximize outreach and reach wider audiences.

Organic traffic is important for marketing growth. The amplification process can be a supplementary growth channel that complements organic traffic.

Amplification can also contribute to a start-up’s ROI by providing important insights into brand awareness. The importance of brand awareness when it comes to B2B has increased significantly with the inclusion of software platforms that support marketing scalability.

Most prospective businesses fail to develop a content strategy that addresses the constant demands and scalability of growth marketing. With the high volume of start-ups being created each year, amplification will become a necessity for growth.

Writing content that can flexibly fit into multiple channels is the solution for marketers struggling with this challenge. Creative material such as informative blogs or interactive articles can also work. One could then implement backlinks that support potential buyers along the marketing funnel.

Organic traffic with amplification support can then ease your audience’s progression through the sales funnel.

By integrating several content channels throughout an organization, you provide information on a diverse range of topics that lead back to your company’s product or service. Buyers can benefit from this concept by experiencing an informed pipeline that provides solutions.

After all, for startups to survive, their content must provide results.

Amplifying traffic results in more leads and businesses experiencing growth need that. Writing agencies provide the content and the expertise needed to arrive at these results.

Channels such as Medium, Flipboard, and social media provide scalable audiences that can convert to buying customers throughout the marketing funnel process.

Agencies can also utilize this content being distributed to support inbound clients looking for solutions.

Throughout the amplification process, specialized agencies can create backlinks that redirect potential customers. As your audience explores the marketing funnel they learn valuable product or service information. Writing agencies can reinforce this with backlinks that lead potential buyers to the purchasing decision.

Amplification is an essential way for content marketers to expand their reach. With the help of creative writing agencies, startups can use this concept to reach entirely new audiences.

Way 2: Reach New Audiences

We’ve learned how writing agencies use amplification to help you reach your target audiences. Marketing often requires more effort though.

For instance, going after entirely new audiences.

Agencies can devise content that captures audiences that may be adjacent to your target industry.

It’s good marketing practice to understand your target audience and provide the content that best suits them, of course. But companies are missing out on potential opportunities by neglecting adjacent audiences that are similar or relatable to their initial customer profile.

For example, if a company specializes in agricultural technology and requires content that caters to an agribusiness crowd, it is smart to target audiences related to farm tech, sustainable technology, or even hydro tech. Exploring alternate demographics expands a company's addressable market and provides more opportunities for content ideas and product expansion.

Businesses can also explore the opportunity to reach wider demographics by opting for creative content packages that address the wider scope of a specific concept a company deems important for their marketing. Creative agencies utilize this series-like writing practice to address the intricacies and critical details while remaining product and marketing aware. Each piece of content would contribute to the bigger picture: lead generation and amplification.

Startups can take advantage of these services to manage and experiment with a broad scope of ideas while diversifying content that may engage adjacent audiences.

For businesses to maximize marketing productivity they need to diversify audiences by providing quality content that will engage prospects and advance the marketing funnel. B2B writing agencies can provide this specific service and should be considered for companies seeking to grow their marketing.

Way 3: Content Quality and Value

According to Content Grip, 50% of brands rely on outsourcing. This external resource easily dominates content landscapes, with a reported 41% of the American workforce opting for freelance work in the year 2020, up 13% since 2013.

Seems too good to be true? In many cases, it is.

Freelancing may seem very convenient for prospective startups but in the early stages of growth, quality should be prioritized.

Popular platforms including UpWork and Fiverr have become common choices as they make the outsourcing process more convenient for both parties. However, the quality of the content produced by freelancers on such sites has been shown to be inconsistent and companies are taking a risk when they opt for these easier, less expensive solutions.

As the digital marketing landscape evolves, companies must separate themselves from a sea of competition and information overload. They can do this by providing quality content that’s valuable to their audience.

When thinking about business solutions that can improve a startup's marketing operation, creative writing agencies are still not the first choice founders consider.

This is a mistake.

Businesses looking to increase their engagement must explore quality alternatives.

And creative writing agencies are severely underutilized.

FoundCopy and similar companies provide an alternative to generic outsourcing solutions. Our creative writing agency not only fully prioritizes quality articles but also handles the technical concerns for marketing needs.

For companies to attract their key audiences, reach new audiences, and upkeep brand professionalism they must implement SEO-optimized material. This search engine optimization process ensures that keywords are properly used, active analysis of potential competition and ranking is assessed, and requires a detailed understanding of what step in the marketing funnel your material should address.

Keywords allow marketers to provide in-demand information that might be related to their real-time product scope. According to HubSpot, 71% of marketers say using strategic keywords was their number one strategy for SEO. Optimizing content is essential to gain visibility and rank higher on search engines.

Along with keywords, the active analysis of competition in a marketing landscape is also vital for a company’s growth. Businesses have to understand what their competition is talking about and how they can utilize these insights themselves.

Marketers use a process called SERP analysis to explore search engine results pages to analyze them and understand how content can be better optimized. Most freelance writers that provide outsourced content likely don't have the marketing expertise to provide an analytical approach to content curation, but creative writing agencies do.

Conducting SERP also helps businesses gain a foundational understanding of what their content should and should not consist of while keeping up-to-date with trends.

Marketing funnels have been a supportive framework for professionals seeking to generate leads with their content strategy, but those without access to such strategies may have missed out on opportunities. Sourcing a creative writing agency would solve this problem as well as the many others involved in the content creation process.

The marketing funnel addresses three primary stages in a sales process, each of which details how potential customers’ needs should be supported. B2B writing agencies can assess these needs and provide content for each stage in the marketing funnel, from generating leads to closing sales.

Various types of content can address each stage in the funnel as well, checking off content diversification for business owners seeking to amplify and scale their business.

Most freelance writers fail to include these practices in their content
strategy, preventing amplification and the scaling of the business. The loss of value by not including these technical processes can also render a company unprofessional. If businesses fail to provide high-quality content for their customers during the funnel process they can jeopardize the sales process.

While the inclusion of healthy SEO practices is practically mandatory to be considered competitive in today's content landscape, it is also essential that if companies choose to outsource their content needs they do not sacrifice quality.

Creative writing agencies such as FoundCopy can craft highly specialized content that precisely executes content delivery.

Our services include guest blog writers who can offer a unique take on your business content without disrupting key concepts your company needs to be profitable. Companies that select creative writing agencies to handle their marketing needs can expect technical quality, diverse amplifiable content, and a specialized perspective.
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Modern marketing has significantly changed with the evolution of our digital infrastructure. For startups to survive, they must provide quality content that can be amplified to reach wider audiences.

To do so, they must have a thorough strategy that not only engages audiences but promotes actionable solutions and content that live according to intensive sales cycles.

It would be a mistake to rely on external marketplaces to deliver on these needs. Instead, creative writing agencies are credible sources for businesses as their services are reliable and easier to manage.

Writing agencies create flexible content that can suit a wide audience across various platforms, provide expert marketing strategies that boost marketing traffic and engagement, and include valuable information that reflects the integrity and professionalism of a company.

They can reach entirely new audiences by expanding source material and discovering information that can increase visibility by providing packaged services that match a business owner's needs. Agencies can serve all these needs without sacrificing the intended quality a business may be seeking out when exploring improvements to their marketing process.

By combining a structured analytical approach with the free-flowing creative process, agencies are the optimal solution for businesses seeking to amplify their marketing efforts. This saves time and money, allowing companies to focus on building their business further.

While there’s an abundance of content options for startups to choose from, they should consider how creative writing agencies can support them for an overall productive experience that benefits businesses and the agencies who support them.

If you’re interested in what we have to offer at FoundCopy, get in touch!
Post by DaJuan Fradiue.
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