Creative Content Writing Services: All to Know

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What Are Creative Content Writing Services?

Creative content writing services are known as content writing designed with imagination.

When topics are often written in an informative manner, creative content writing services are more descriptive and engaging for customers reading the content they create. There is a big difference between informative text and this type of text- including impact on the audience, tone, style, etc.

Creative content writing services do the following but aren't limited to:

  • Enhance brand power by creating compelling content that is appealing to customers through style and tone.
  • Create sales copy for email marketing campaigns to help boost sales. This can be done online, in print, over the phone, etc.
  • Write e-books for your stakeholders to read.
  • And more.

As mentioned before, the major difference between informative content and creative content writing is that the latter has more emphasis on style, tone, and - of course- creativity.

A good example of what creative content writing services make is when you purchase a ticket for a concert, and when the voucher is sent to your email or mobile device, it looks like this:


As you can see, the e-voucher has some fancy graphics and designs on it. This is an example of how creative writing services come into play. The reason why they did that? To make

Creative content writing services aren't limited to writing content on the web. There are also creative content writing services for social media.

Consider the example we used in a previous article mentioning the frozen pizza brand DiGiorno. While it's not known whether their Twitter account is operated internally or externally, there is no denying that this is creative content.

Why Hire Creative Content Writing Services?

There are many reasons why you might need to hire creative content writing services.

For one, creative content writing services are excellent for attracting attention. Social media is all about sharing, and what better way to grab someone's attention than with an infographic or photo?


A second reason to hire creative content writing services is that interesting content will boost your SEO. If you're looking to improve on your search engine ranking, creative content writing services can help you achieve that goal on search platforms like Google.


What Is the Pricing of Creative Content Writing Services?

Creative content writing services use several parameters when deciding their pricing. It usually depends on the following but is not limited to:

  • Word count
  • Frequency of publication
  • Amount of published units needed
  • Revisions


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