Why Does My Company Need a Content Writer

Content writers are an untapped resource.
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Competitive marketing has taken on a new form in the digital age: move over Don Draper, it's now all about creating written content.

When businesses produce written content, they keep potential buyers interested, generate traffic to their company’s website, and keep customers updated on their product or service.

This type of content typically consists of blogs (such as this one, hello!), articles, social media posts, and even infographics.

Companies are, correctly, prioritizing their marketing efforts by expanding on their content needs in response to the demands of the twenty-first century. They are investing in the development of their written content creation.

One sure-fire ticket to a marketing strategy focused on quality content for growth?

Hiring a content writer.

What Is a Content Writer?

A content writer is a specialized marketing professional who works for marketing companies, creative writing agencies, and in-house marketing departments. They write on a diverse spectrum of subjects and focus on current market trends for specific keywords.

Content writers create valuable insights that promote products or services. They educate buyers and take them on their journey from their initial discovery of the brand to a potential purchase.

Writers usually plan their material based on company objectives, consumer perspective, and most recently creativity. They work with companies directly to devise a content strategy and accommodate their requests with unique ideas and marketing value.

Essentially, content writers have created a new class of writing.

Housed in creative content agencies, content writers no longer opt for traditional copywriting practices. The focus now is on digital platforms. Writers focus on shareable content that is easily digestible for those seeking a quick bite.

They utilize frameworks and outlines to communicate the problems a business helps solve. Combined with a free-flowing creative process that allows writers to create intricate pieces of content, this objective approach is the future of marketing.

Content writers can be outsourced to companies on a B2B basis, providing value and flexibility for companies. They work closely with companies to brainstorm content ideas and investigate metrics such as keywords. They also consider the future outlook and longevity of the content they are creating.

Most content writers work with clients whose content requests differ from industry to industry. They usually aren't limited to a specific sector, as content writing is a sought-after skillset that translates to several industries.

It is also common for professional content writers to offer technical marketing knowledge as part of their services.

Technical marketing content processes such as SEO are integrated into the work writers produce. They provide creative written content that is optimized for website traffic and generating leads.

Marketing in the digital age demands more attention from marketing departments in companies than they have to give. Content production is one such area that is better served by outsourcing.

Content writers address this issue uniquely and with far more agility.

Why Do I Need a Content Writer

Most companies today have an outdated marketing strategy.

Social media, blogs, and modern marketing channels have flooded the market and are massively consumed. Businesses face a hyper-competitive landscape where it is difficult to capture the attention of audiences.

Dedicated content strategies that can address all the mediums from which potential customers receive information are a start for businesses to succeed. Creative content agencies can support this.

91% of companies achieved success with their content marketing in 2021. Its consistent nature develops a cadence for customers to smoothly read through.

Your company needs a content writer to create consistent content creation that drives traffic to your business website.

Writers foundationally change how a business is portrayed and create brand awareness and credibility. Content writers thus create a seamless consumer experience that scales and increases visibility by ranking on popular search engines.

All companies no matter how big or small should therefore take their content seriously.

A small company may think they can do it all - this is a mistake. Many factors are integral to the growth marketing process, and entire departments are dedicated to this at large multinational companies.

As a small company, the solution is to bring in external experts. There are key reasons for this:

By outsourcing, a dedicated team of experienced content writers will account for all growth marketing factors.

Businesses that invest in a creative writing agency can receive night and day results when it comes to lead generation. This is because the style of business writing increases conversion rates as customers gain a wider scope of their challenges through content. It can lead directly to a purchasing decision.

Business owners can eliminate the challenge of staying relevant while saving time at the expense of content writers.

Writers who can deliver high-quality content at a consistent level also help businesses build their brand by establishing authority over industry topics that competitors might produce content for.

Creative writing agencies take care of the competitive landscape common in content marketing. While creating a content marketing strategy, writers compare information that ranks high on search engines like Google and synthesize that with the company's ideals.

The material produced by content writers also caters to long-time customers and can improve brand loyalty for companies providing new products and services. Most companies fail to keep their audience engaged and this results in loss: according to Goodman Lantern, 58% percent of consumers are not brand loyal.

Inconsistent brand messaging makes customers uninterested in a business. On the other hand, a constant flow of information curated to suit the growing demands of buyers can further boost how profitable a business is. For example, Demand Gen reported that 71% of buyers consume blog content during a purchase. Consumers are more likely to skip on products they are uninformed about.

Your company may also need a content writer if your content is missing that expert touch that can attract the right audience.

Quality content writers create experiences that paint a picture for readers seeking to take action.

Using a professional yet conversational tone, optimizing search engine credibility, and familiarizing buyers with a wide range of product information are just some of the benefits professional content writers can provide businesses.

If your company fits any of the above, creative content services are the way to go.
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How to Find a Good Content Writer

Businesses have a healthy pool of options to outsource their writing. These options range from convenient, albeit risky, solutions to more involved and quality sources.

A common content source for many businesses is an in-house content writer that creates internal content from a company perspective.

This approach is effective for companies with an established audience who trust their information and product scope. Hiring content writers is its own time-consuming and expensive process, but companies may favor this option to keep it in-house.

If your company has in-house writers, you could still utilize outsourcing for unique content breaks. For example, guest blog posts can bring fresh insights and provide an external outlook.

Another option companies have are freelance websites that host content writers who work independently.

These services have been a popular choice for businesses' written content. Services like Fiverr or UpWork can provide content writers on a quick basis for those in need without too much time to spare. Freelance writers possess a gamut of writing skills and companies who opt for these workers are usually rolling the dice on quality.

The nature of freelance work is also a lot less structured, however. Companies can face unexpected problems with communication, consistency, or even the quality of their material. You can find good content writers on these platforms, but the entire process could become tedious and there is a luck factor involved.

Creative writing agencies guarantee quality and execute the needs of a company’s marketing efforts. Good content writers at these agencies provide a more concentrated approach that aims to solve all content-related issues.

These services are accessible via companies including FoundCopy. They house content writers that work directly with businesses. Clients sourcing work from these writers can expect quality, transparent communication, and impactful results. They can also save time for companies by managing their content workloads and producing value at volume.

Moving forward, your company has a plethora of outsourcing options for content outside of traditional in-house writers.
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Content writers are the saving grace for companies needing to manage their content efforts that may not have the time or expertise to do so. They help companies create a new avenue for growth and provide value for buyers.

Businesses can source these writers from creative writing agencies that can have a direct impact on lead generation. After all, content is king and if your company plans on growing anytime soon, you need to invest in content writers.

Feel free to get in touch with us here at FoundCopy to get your content writing plan started.

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