What to Look for in B2B Content Creation Companies

A guide for top qualities to shop for.
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B2B content creation companies form the core of any good content marketing strategy.

As the world gets increasingly digital, it is no longer enough for businesses to simply rely on the quality of their product and service to stay memorable and relevant. Now, it is all about effective content creation strategies and storytelling that are pertinent to reaching out and connecting with your audience in a meaningful way.

Your content strategy should not simply be about posting on social media every now and then. Rather, it should focus on creating consistent content that brings value and sets you apart from your industry competition.

Most B2B marketing teams that witness the highest rates of success reportedly spend 40% of their marketing budget on content marketing alone – a fact that lends credibility to focusing your efforts on content creation.

With the importance of content creation established, you now have a handful of options to choose from when it comes to kicking off your own content creation strategy. These options include:
In this article, we will go over why hiring a content creation company is the best route to go for the best overall return on investment (ROI) for your business.

What are B2B Content Creation Companies?

A content creation company specializes in designing, producing, and distributing content in all its different forms including text, audio, and video. They aim to create targeted content so that your audience is able to learn about your brand and the products and services you offer.

Companies with expertise in content creation are well aware of the basics of content marketing. Using their knowledge and talent, they are able to generate ideas that resonate with your brand and its customer base.

No two content creation teams look alike or work the same. But there are some common responsibilities that most B2B content creation companies handle, such as SEO copy or blog writing, monitoring your website and social for metrics, and much more.

Here’s a list of services you can expect a content creation company to provide:
  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Landing pages
  • White papers
  • Email campaigns
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts
A content creation agency is an especially favorable option for businesses that don’t know where to start in their content marketing journey. An agency specializing in B2B content creation can take the load off of your shoulders and help you get started the right way with posts that convert.

How Does a Content Creation Company Work?

The scope of work for content creation agencies is wide-ranging.

Many of them will start your marketing campaign by setting up a number of content goals to achieve. This gives direction to your marketing pipeline right from the get-go.

Content creation goals could vary from business to business. They could be anything from getting more visitors to your website to generating more leads from email campaigns.

Keeping your final vision in mind, B2B content creation agencies help ensure that every piece of business content that they produce for you aligns with your end goal.

Once there is a vision in place, the next thing your outsourced content creation team will do is perform in-depth research on your target audience and create a buyer persona. You can also provide your own research in this arena to give the agency an idea of the pain points of your ideal buyer persona and what you are trying to achieve with them.

Another aspect they cover is keyword research. Doing keyword research will show you the volume your target keywords have and if it’s worth creating your content around that.

Once the pain points of your audience have been recognized, the content creation agency would then get to work on creating the best content for your business. This could come in the form of blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, videos, or whatever the agency specializes in.

Why B2B Content Creation Companies Are in Such High Demand

If you are a small to mid-sized business, hiring a third-party content creation agency sits atop and provides better benefits than the other two options of creating content: using an in-house team or hiring a freelancer.

Because an agency will provide its own team of content creators, you will have more resources at your disposal compared to a freelance creator. Content creation companies have a skilled workforce that possesses a number of different skills. Depending on their particular area of expertise, these agencies can have content writers, videographers, video editors, and much more. It will also cost you a lot less than an in-house team.

Having more resources to work with will result in a higher yield which could possibly open up more avenues for your business.

Another reason why B2B content creation companies are in such high demand is that creating targeted content can be draining and time-intensive. Outsourcing this aspect of your content marketing can very often be the right thing for your brand as the content agency handles a lot of the time-consuming responsibilities for you, helping you focus on other important areas of your business.

With that said, let’s zoom out a bit and look at the broad benefits that content agencies can have on your business’s ROI.

Lead Generation

Having a thriving customer base is what determines a business’s success. Needless to say, your sales team will need a well-supported pipeline of leads to sell to.

According to research, B2B companies that are consistent with their blog posts generate 67% more leads per month compared to those who don’t blog regularly.
Content marketers can help your business catch eyes and capture interest by being instrumental in driving demand through their content by using search engine optimization (SEO) and other blogging strategies in the work they produce for you.

Increased Brand Awareness

The point of content creation is that not everything has to be a hard sell to the client. Branded content that has little to do with the services you provide can still go a long way in conveying your business's identity, values, and mission, and ultimately, building its reputation with the audience.

By creating content that showcases your company’s culture or mission in a better way, content marketing agencies are able to pivot your brand in the right direction and help expand it.

Strong On-Page SEO Strategy

Content marketing agencies are digitally native. If SEO and social media marketing are not your in-house teams’ strong points, an outsourced content generation agency can help make up for the talent deficit.

One of the primary goals of a content creation agency is to optimize your posts for SEO so that they show up at the top of the Google search results. They help select keywords to rank for, optimize your website, and plan a pay-per-click advertising campaign for you.

With 68% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, it’s safe to assume that a well-placed SEO strategy boosts your business’s lead generation by increasing your brand’s visibility.

Streamlined Content Workflow

Creating well-researched SEO content makes the first half of an effective content marketing strategy.

The second half is promoting that content to drive consistent and quality organic traffic.

B2B content creation companies have established processes and the right software tools for not only the creation of content but also for its promotion. Once you hire them, you gain their expertise in having clear marketing procedures that follow strict deadlines in getting the right content to your potential customers.

Moreover, they have networks and relationships with industry-relevant individuals, influencers, journalists, and content creators that help secure valuable media coverage for your company.

A content house can promote your content in a variety of different ways, such as reaching out to top-ranking websites for target keywords in order to secure backlinks and mentions or coordinating guest blogging campaigns by using their network of content creators.

Middle Funnel Content

The middle of the funnel is where your business bridges the gap between the top of the funnel (awareness) and the bottom (decision). While top funnel content speaks generally to the broader audience, your middle funnel content speaks to those who are closer to buying your service.

Having middle funnel content turns visitors to your blog into potential customers by engaging them and encouraging them to book a meeting with your sales team. This is supported by the fact that 59% of B2B marketers regard blog posts as the most valuable channels to land customers.

B2B content creation companies produce blog posts that are targeted, educational, and persuasive. This content is aimed at people who are already in your CRM system typically through the use of market automation tools.
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How Companies are Boosting Revenue with B2B Content

We firmly believe that content marketing is key for any company to reach its revenue goals. To solidify our point, here are two real-world examples of how B2B content can increase your business’s ROI and get you inspired.


In 2019, Introhive was one of the top 10 fastest-growing tech companies. Their path to becoming one of the top players came through content marketing.

This was because of a decision made in 2016.

They acquire a third-party content marketing agency in order to increase brand awareness of its CRM solutions. Through the use of well-placed SEO strategies, the company successfully drove organic traffic to its website, increasing its digital visibility and generating higher leads.

Thanks to this campaign, Introhive’s organic traffic saw a 452% rise. They also witnessed an average session duration increase by 155% with a 16.5% bounce rate drop overall. For the company, 89% of clicks came as a result of organic searches in 2019 compared to 2018.

Advance B2B

Based in Finland, Advance B2B is a small-sized inbound marketing agency that hired HubSpot to provide content marketing solutions to increase leads and organic traffic to their website.

Leveraging HubSpot’s expertise, Advance B2B was able to create blog posts with effective CTAs along with optimized landing pages and forms to draw in the visitor.

Through their campaign, the Finnish business witnessed a 267% increase in lead generation along with a 90% client retention and 226% increase in website traffic.

What the Best B2B Content Creation Companies Have in Common

Some agencies offer a host of content creation services including everything from web design to social media management to almost every other area of content marketing imaginable.

However, it is important to remember that when you have a specific need, you need to look in specific places to get the best service. An agency that promises a narrower list of services can often be the right choice since they have specific areas of expertise that they are very good at.

When it comes to choosing the best content creation agency for your business, it boils down to a few best practices that any quality service should have.

To start with, a good agency will have defined processes in place. Their workflows are constructed in a streamlined way and they are able to describe the exact progression their process is going to take.

Great content teams also make recommendations to help instruct you on the best type of content for your target audience and demographic. They help guide strategic decision-making and in doing so, provide a service that is also highly personalized.

The best B2B content creation companies are also proactive communicators. They keep you close to the entire process and provide prompt communication through email, phone, and other mediums. In essence, they are transparent and credible all the way through.

Because they care so much about creating good content, a quality content creation agency will have a nicely designed website that works efficiently along with an informational blog section where they aim to provide value to their readers.

Ideally, you will also find examples of success with their previous clients and case studies on their platform to prove their worth.
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B2B content creation companies can have a drastic impact on your business and its brand awareness.

By increasing the amount of content your business creates, you will reach a wider audience and have more people visiting your online channels where you can effectively turn them into leads and customers.

A good agency is able to offer more support than a stand-alone freelancer while also being a faster and easier solution than hiring an entire internal team. You pay for only the agreed deliverables and get to enjoy the benefits of expert work.

Your brand’s content is far too important to be placed in hands that are incompetent. At FoundCopy we understand that, which is why we work tirelessly to create content that gets ranked and generates leads for your business.

Get in touch with FoundCopy today and see how we can take your business’s marketing efforts to the next level.
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